NOVITEC Vintage Champagner

The NOVITEC Champagne originates from the small village of Mailly-Champagne. The vineyards of this small village in the heart of the Champagne region are certified 100% Grand Cru. Jean-Pierre Seconde has specialized in the production of the finest Champagne since 1970.

R.M. „ Récoltants – Manipulants“
NOVITEC Champagne has received the blessing and is allowed on the label with the exclusive marking R.M. “Récolants – Manipulants”, confirming that that the Champagne is produced with the finest grapes from the vineyards of Jean-Pierre Seconde. These grapes are used without exception for the complete production of the NOVITEC Champagne.

The production of NOVITEC Vintage Champagne is made from 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay grapes. The harvest of these fine grapes is finished by hand and pressed at the company owned wine press. The result and taste of  NOVITEC Vintage Champagne is formidable thanks to its select flavours and elegance.

Vintage 2005 0,75l   Sold Out
Vintage 2005 1,5l     Sold Out


Vintage 2006 0,75l   Sold Out
Vintage 2006 1,5l     Sold Out


Vintage 2007 0,75l    Sold Out
Vintage 2007 1,5l      Sold Out


Vintage 2008 0,75l    Sold Out
Vintage 2008 1,5l      Sold Out


Vintage 2009 0,75l    Sold Out
Vintage 2009 1,5l      Sold Out
Vintage 2009 3,0l      Sold Out


Vintage 2010 0,75l    49,00 EUR (58,31 EUR incl. VAT)
Vintage 2010 1,5l      Sold Out
Vintage 2010 3,0l      380,00 EUR (452,20 EUR incl. VAT)


Vintage 2011 0,75l    49,00 EUR (58,31 EUR incl. VAT)
Vintage 2011 1,5l      119,00 EUR (141,61 EUR incl. VAT)
Vintage 2011 3,0l      Sold Out